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Adventure with a big “A” is certainly something we all dream of, but nowadays it seems increasingly rare. Modern society has sanitised us, we seek to protect ourselves from any danger and therefore from any unforeseen event. We use the internet to know everything about our destination and so, behind our screens, we take off all surprises in a few clicks. Then, we live the moment through our smartphone, because, anxious to remember every moment we fall into a paradox by choosing to fill the memory of this dammed phone instead of feeding our emotions and filling our heads with memories. We line up to "discover" a place or activity in exactly the same way as thousands of people before us...

Could the Adventure become a well-regulated attraction? Impossible, the latter is clearly defined as "an enterprise involving difficulties, a large part of unknown, sometimes extraordinary aspects, in which, one or more people participate". The more we plan, the more we protect ourselves from the unexpected and the more our dream of adventure goes up in smoke. In order to live such an epic, we must avoid abusive planning. We have to accept that the journey cannot be perfect and allow ourselves to be surprised, to be alert and to absorb everything. Because from these imperfections will born lasting memories.


Imagine a surprising journey, made of discoveries and spontaneous encounters. A journey without your smartphone where the only distraction is the world around you. A journey where your 5 senses are solicited at all times. This trip, you will not do it for your social networks, you will do it for YOU. And by doing so, you create mystery. Send postcard, when you’ll get home, you will tell your adventures in person over a good meal and captivate everyone‘s attention around the table.

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